Continuing education reporting

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry’s Construction Codes and Licensing Division allows registered sponsors of prequalified continuing education (CE) courses to electronically submit the attendance records for a CE course session directly to the department.

A CE sponsor of a course is required to provide course completion certificates to the attendees within 10 days of the course completion. A sponsor is required to provide the department with the attendance information within 14 days of the course session. A CE sponsor is no longer required to submit the original sign-in attendance roster to the department, however this information must be maintained as part of the sponsor's file for the course and is subject to audit.

The CE sponsor is required to enter its sponsor registration number, a unique access code for the course, the course number and the date of the course session.  The sponsor will be required to enter the license number of each license holder who attended the continuing education course session.  The sponsor will receive a confirmation email message after it has successfully submitted the CE course attendance information.

Enter your sponsor number, access code, course number and the date of the course session.

Sponsor Number:    Access Code:  
CE Course Number:    Session Date:  

Click the "Report CE" button to enter the attendance roster for the CE course session date.