Make a payment to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry

Enter the invoice number found on the invoice or the item ID listed on a statement and click Continue . If a payment was made within the last 24 hours, wait one business day before making another payment on the same invoice.

A $30 service charge will be added to all dishonored electronic checks. Additional civil penalties will be imposed for dishonored electronic checks if not paid within 30 days. MS 604.113 and 609.535

Tips for if your invoice number does not work:

  • DLI's invoice numbers may have the letter "i" or "x" at the end. Make sure you type an "i" instead of a "1" (one) or small letter "l" at the end of the number.
  • The invoice is not found online yet. It needs to be at least four business days after the invoice date or it has already been paid.

Technical requirements -

  • Cookies must be turned on prior to logging in (a setting found in your browser).
  • Javascript not required but recommended.

For questions or comments, call (651) 284-5021.

Payment inquiry click here.