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A state law enacted in 2012 requires registration of commercial and residential building construction and improvement contractors who are not already licensed or bonded through DLI. It does not apply to companies or workers in any industry other than building construction.
This new law replaces the Independent Contractor Exemption Certificate (ICEC) program with a simplified two-year pilot project for registration of construction contractors. To begin the registration process, click on the "Next" button below.

This registration page is NOT where you register to take license exams administered by DLI or where you would schedule an examination. Information on applying to take a license exam or scheduling an exam can be found at the following links:


More information about registration requirements can be found at our Construction Contractor web page.

Note: If contractors are performing any construction work for which a license, certification or separate registration is required under Minn. Stat. chapter 326B (i.e. Boiler, Electrical, Elevator, HPP, Plumbing or Residential Building Contractor) they must apply for a license and may not submit a Contractor Registration. Contact CCLD's Licensing Services at (651) 284-5031 (personal licenses) or (651) 284-5034 (business licenses) for more information.


The information you provide on this application is intended to be used primarily by the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) to ensure compliance with the laws and rules regarding the classification of workers in the construction industry. Before a registration number is issued to you, M.S. § 270C.72, subd 4, requires you to provide the Social Security number of each individual who is an owner or officer of your business. The other information is required to process your application. Under M.S. § 326B.701, subd. 4(b), the only information you provide that will made available to the public is your legal business name and any assumed name, the business address you designate in your application, and the effective date and expiration date of your registration. DLI may disclose all of your registration information to other state agencies but only as authorized or required by law for the purposes of verification and investigation. Agencies with which your information may be shared include the Attorney General's Office, the Department of Revenue, the Department of Employment and Economic Development, and/or the Department of Human Services.