License and registration lookup help

To ensure you conduct an accurate search, please keep the following in mind:

A qualifying person is required for each residential building contractor, remodeler, roofer and manufactured home installer license. The qualifying person is an owner, officer, or managing employee who has passed the qualifying exam and must maintain the required CE. Qualifying persons are not considered to hold a personal license, but are registered and tracked by DLI with a separate number, which is a two-letter prefix beginning with a ‘Q’ followed by six digits. A contractor’s qualifying person’s QB, QM, QR, QI number can be found on the lookup results for the associated contractor license.

Registered contractors are not considered to be licensed to perform services for which a license is required. This registration is required for all building construction or improvement contractors who wish to be treated as an independent contractor (as opposed to an employee) by the contractors that hire them. These records all begin with the two-letter prefix “IR.” More information on the Contractor Registration program can be found on our website.

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