Minnesota Building Permit Surcharge Report

Welcome to the Department of Labor and Industry automated surcharge reporting system.

The system enables you to file your building permit surcharge report, make a payment online, and save and view previous reports. You are not required to make your payment online, however, you are encouraged to do so. To manually file a report, quarterly and monthly reporting forms are available (in PDF format). For questions or comments, call (651) 284-5411 or e-mail stacy.jeffrey@state.mn.us.

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Requirements and recommendations for online filing and payment:

  • A valid e-mail address is required.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to save and print the building surcharge report. Get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader here (http://www.adobe.com).
  • An Internet connection.

Online reporting and payment system

File and make a payment electronically using the online building permit surcharge reporting system.

There are six steps to file the Building Permit Surcharge Report with the department. Each step of the process builds on the previous steps.

  • The first and second step establish the municipality/reporting unit your filing for. Previously filed building permit surcharge reports may also be viewed in step two (if any are available).
  • Step three involves completing the surcharge report. In this step the fixed and valuation data is entered along with the municipal construction data.
  • Step four is a confirmation step. The information entered in step three and the calculations based on that information are displayed for review. If correct, you provide your contact information and file the report with the department.
  • Step five is the final step of the filing process. Here you can save and print your completed building permit surcharge report.
  • Step six is an optional, but recommended step. This step allows you to make a payment online using either a credit card (Discover, VISA or Master Card), or a business or personal checking account.

You may quit at any time during the process, however, if you quit before receiving a confirmation number your work will be lost.

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