Payroll card issuer registration

Pursuant to legislation passed during the 2005 session, payroll card issuers are required to file notice of doing business with the commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry.

A payroll card issuer is defined as "an employer that issues a payroll card to an employee or a bank or other entity that issues a payroll card to an employee on behalf of the employer."

If your company is issuing payroll cards as a method of paying employees' wages, you must complete the follow registration form.;


(example: ABC Company)  
(example: ABC Company)
(example: 443 Lafayette Road North  not a P.O. Box )     
(example: Suite 300)
(example: 55155 or 551551234)    
 (example: 651 2845000)                      
  (example:651 2845000)                     

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